Seven Lions constructs elegant bass music with new ‘Worlds Apart’ EP [Review]Seven Lions Worlds Apart

Seven Lions constructs elegant bass music with new ‘Worlds Apart’ EP [Review]

Born out of Gene Wolf fantasy worlds and a zealous adoration for metal bands like Opeth, Jeff Montalvo’s Seven Lions concept has become a fascinating artistic endeavor. From blissful remixes of artists like Above & Beyond to darker, occult side projects, Montalvo’s work is wide-ranging yet consistently exceptional.

Returning for just his third EP, Montalvo’s Worlds Apart is the natural progression in his line of productions. Having flirted with more vocal-driven material in his past work, Worlds Apart EP is just that: lush bass music sculpted around compelling female vocalists. Montalvo’s penchant for meshing trance tropes with dubstep foundations shines through on tracks like “Don’t Leave,” featuring the elegant Ellie Goulding, as well as title-track “Worlds Apart,” featuring Estonian singer Kerli.

Despite its absence of a vocalist, “Nepenthe” may be the most enticing track of the whole EP. With plenty of mind-boggling sound design, wondrous atmospherics, and conspicuous metal-influence, the track feels like the perfect emanation of the Seven Lions concept.

Rounding out the EP, fan-favorite “Strangers” alongside Myon Shane & 54 and Tove Lo has gotten a more melodic reimagining. Lastly, Kerli joins Montalvo again for “Keep It Close,” an immersive and powerful collaboration built around a haunting chord progression and some characteristically roaring bass.

For Seven Lions, every release seems like a momentous occasion, and rightly so: Montalvo’s work rarely disappoints. Fortunately for fans, Worlds Apart EP is more of the Seven Lions we’ve come to know and love.

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