Showcase your MOMENTUM to the world through SennheiserImogen Heap MOMENTUM

Showcase your MOMENTUM to the world through Sennheiser

People that inspire have what Sennheiser deems, MOMENTUM. They see opportunities to find inspiration in a unique world view and create sound in a completely new or different way. Needless to say, many electronic music producers have MOMENTUM.



Sennheiser partners with Spotify to tell the stories of the most unique and inspiring people in the world. The headphone manufacturer is looking to follow a group of 100 people who have passions and connections to sound to learn more about their lives and their personal MOMENTUM. “We would like to see these stories connect and interrelate, so we want people to add their stories to those on our website, creating video chains and forming an organic, self-perpetuating celebration of human ingenuity,” explains Uwe Cremering, Head of Global Marketing Communications.




Sennheiser is inviting anyone to share their own MOMENTUM by contributing their own videos. Besides voting for your favorite stories, you can add your own seven-second MOMENTUM film of inspirations. Participants will have a chance to win fantastic trips to London, New York, and Tokyo and also a chance to win pairs of Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones and six-month subscriptions to Spotify Premium.

Click here to participate.

See video of MOMENTUM here.

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