Skrillex’s Nest HQ announces free release label with AC Slater’s debut EPAc Slater Nest Hq Artwork

Skrillex’s Nest HQ announces free release label with AC Slater’s debut EP

Pop artist Andy Warhol famously established The Factory in New York in the 1960’s. The creative visionary hosted a studio where other artists could come and find inspiration, develop artistic output, and curate their own styles. Last year, modern day visionary Skrillex¬†took a page out of Warhol’s book and created Nest HQ. The downtown Los Angeles warehouse is more than just a creative space for OWSLA‘s head honcho, and today, Nest HQ is proving that it is much more than just a subscription website too. The space has created a new offshoot known only as Nest and announced that it will serve as a free release label for both up-and-coming talent and veteran music producers alike.

Begun a year ago as a platform for engaging and developing the cutting edge in this vastly expanding culture of dance music, Nest HQ’s mission is completed as the OWSLA-born Nest imprint begins to share free direct downloads with avid fans, across all genres. Separate from Sonny’s powerhouse record imprint, Nest is dedicating itself to supporting artists from all across the spectrum. Nest’s inaugural release comes by way of AC Slater‘s dance floor primed “Back To The Floor” EP.

Known for serving up a steamy, late night brand of bouncy bass, AC Slater is characterized by a sound of his own, and matched with Nest’s passionate approach to delivery, the veteran beat maker is giving away his latest material away free of charge.¬†“Back To The Floor” offers five afterhours jams that take the listener down a deep, groovy stroll through a vivacious soundscape. Grab the download below and look our for more free releases as Nest HQ continues to assert itself on the forefront of forward-thinking creativity.

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