SomethingALaMode releases new string-driven album, “Endless Stairs”SALM Endless Stairs

SomethingALaMode releases new string-driven album, “Endless Stairs”

SomethingALaMode is finally back with a new album, Endless Stairs, five years after their self-titled release in 2009. The French duo combines classical music with club culture, mating electronic string harmonies with that thump thump thump. Both graduates of music colleges, Yannick and Thomas wear their passion for both Stravinsky and Daft Punk on their sleeves, and this time, they bring on a harder hitting flavor of electro, especially evident on “Prophet 21.” As usual, SALM brings on collaborators for vocals including Adam Joseph for the funky “Losing Game,” Lola for some feel-good rap on “Somebody’s Gonna Love Me,” and Dan Black on the leading track, “Toy Spark Gun.” The album is now on sale and showcases the innovation continually exported from the country of France.

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