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Soundcloud introduces city oriented statistics

Back in January, Soundcloud raised $60 million in funding, solidifying a $700 million dollar valuation for the company. Putting their venture capital to good use, Soundcloud has expanded its backend analytics to give DJs a better sense of how their music is performing on a global scale. The recently introduced city analytics detail which regions an artist’s tracks are gaining traction, giving booking agents and managers deeper incite into the location of their fan-bases.

If you have the Pro Unlimited account you will have access to statistics that will show exactly where your tracks are played, liked, reposted, downloaded, and commented on the most.



In the ‘data era’ of music, this information is extremely valuable for all artists and especially ones that tour on a frequent basis. In order to access these stats just click on the ‘top cities’ tab in your stats dashboard and start getting a deeper understanding of your fan base.


Via: SoundCloud Blog