Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Slow Magic Remix) [Preview]Flight Facilities Stand Still Slow Magic Remi

Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Slow Magic Remix) [Preview]

Four months after Wave Racer, Com Truise and Mario Basanov reworked Flight Facilities‘ Future Classic hit “Stand Still,” the tune is being resurrected again by Slow Magic. Though hard to improve upon from the get go, the mysterious producer brings some raw funk to the clean lines of the original. Taking the tempo down a few pegs, Slow Magic opts to speed up Micky Green’s vocals and pad them with reverberating bass and a peppy percussion line, effectively cutting down on silkiness but upping sex appeal. With the release date yet to be announced, the Aussie duo set to land on American soil for Coachella and Slow Magic’s tour page listing Indio as a stop, California might just get the first live play of “Stand Still’s” latest remix.

Release Date: TBA

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