Study reveals $85 million impact from TomorrowWorldTomorrow World 2013 Lineup Released

Study reveals $85 million impact from TomorrowWorld

Georgia’s inaugural Tomorrowworld came to a close in late September of last year, but quickly received a warm and decade-long invite to return from city representatives after reports of the event’s blossoming statistics began to surface. With over 140,000 attendees from 76 countries around the world, the festival’s economic impact was irrefutable, and recently received statistical backing from Beacon Economics, an independent research group. Beacon’s comprehensive study was conducted in efforts to measure the approximate economic impact of TomorrowWorld.

The study reported that the 2013 show generated a cool $85.1 million for Georgia’s economy that year, with Atlanta receiving the largest margin ($70 million). Additionally, members and workers of the community were positively effected in several ways as an outcome of the event: Approximately $4.3 million in tax revenues went to the state and local governments – the equivalent of hiring 80 full-time school teachers for one year at a salary of $53,000. Labor income for workers in the Atlanta and the state of Georgia was boosted by $34 million in light of the high demand to support the event and attendees. Overall, TomorrowWorld produced the equivalent of employing 749 annual full time employees.

TomorrowWorld continues to nourish a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between the city, state, and venue by emphasizing opportunities to bring a positive economic impact to the surrounding areas and stimulate growth.

Tickets for the 2014 TomorrowWorld are on sale now and are available here.

Via: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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