Take a virtual tour of the Avicii HotelDSC 8483

Take a virtual tour of the Avicii Hotel

Take the virtual tour of the Avicii Hotel

In 2013, the At Night Management team took their branding to South Beach in an extravegant way. Transforming the Marlin Hotel to the Avicii Hotel, the team decked out the boutique stay with the “Levels” superstar name, decking the walls, menus, and even bath soap with careful Avicii logos. This year, though, the team took the Avicii Hotel project to new heights, as they partnered with the luxurious SLS Hotel. The Avicii Hotel experience was cranked to the next level in 2014; in tandem with Ushuaia, Ibiza’s premiere daytime club, for its poolside experience, it became a project with the goal of maintaining the hotel’s high-class appeal while providing guests with top-notch musical entertainment. Couldn’t stop by and check out the Avicii Hotel? Walk through with our virtual tour…

From Collins Avenue

From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with a high level of branding. No longer does the SLS sign stand alone in the front of the hotel — Avicii’s name is now placed atop the letters to establish whose fortress awaits. On the way to the front door, Avicii’s double triangle logo can be found in statue form out front, furthermore on the carpet leading to the front door, and again over the entranceway. Undoubtedly, by the time guests reach the front door, they are well aware that the Avicii brand has taken over the SLS South Beach. Following sunset, the name overtakes the Hotel’s main facade in the form of projection.

Through the entrance

As guests step through the front door, the Avicii theme is even magnified, but carefully so; the constant Avicii logos and name drops that were featured outside fit seamlessly into a presentation of class, making no sacrifice in SLS quality in favor of branding. Upon entering, a Silhouette can be seen in a window upstairs. It’s a portrayal of who else but the Swedish superstar, sporting the distinguishable Avicii look, backwards hat and all. As guests proceed to check in, photos of Avicii, both old and new, are plastered against the wall in stylish frames come into sight.

Into the rooms

Following check in, guests move to the elevator en route to their rooms. Entering the elevator, Avicii’s picture is gently placed among a crowd of other stencils against the elevator walls, in a subtle-yet-humorous manner reminding guests that they would be surrounded by the gentle At Night branding throughout the hotel. Arriving at their rooms, guests find goodie bags from the team, featuring Miami Music Week essentials from Urban Ear Avicii headphones to the indistinguishable logo-covered flip-flops. From the hotel sheets to the shampoo provided in the bathroom, the stay maintains its high-class worth while allowing the Avicii team to completely take over the amenities.

Out to the pool

As sbe partnered with Ibiza’s Ushuaia, one thing was for sure — the musical offerings at the hotel’s own Hyde Beach would be exceptional, and it was. Ushuaia transported their signature club to the South Beach front, occupied by the week’s top-notch events; the Ants party, along with the residencies owned by Luciano, Nervo, and, of course, Avicii’s associated LE7ELS artists, were taken for a ride along with it. The finest of upcoming and established talent revealed intricate and intimate sets, appealing to both the Americanized electro crowd, and the techno-concerned Euro-club goers.

and all around South Beach

Paired with an Avicii Store just a few blocks away that had an Avicii Ice Cream truck parked out front, the always impressive Avicii-Miami initiative created an elegant form of branding through their luxurious hotel encompassing experience. Ash Pournouri, the project’s mastermind, has already announced the team’s intentions on bringing back the Avicii Hotel in 2015, and if the hotel’s growth in the past year is any indication of what’s to come, the experience will surely be one that any Avicii superfan cannot miss.