Ten Walls inaugurates Boso with two-track ‘Requiem’ follow-up [EP Review]Walking With Elephants

Ten Walls inaugurates Boso with two-track ‘Requiem’ follow-up [EP Review]

You may not have heard of the recently formed Boso imprint, but you are sure to have relished in the sound of Ten Walls by now. The fresh moniker of Mario Basanov made huge waves with “Requiem” back in 2013, but approaches the second quarter with two brand new examples of the Lithuanian talents grasp on the underground sound scope. A-side “Walking With Elephants” has proven an early favorite flavor since BPM Festival, building elegantly and playing on infectious brass melodies and supple beats. For “Nochnoy Dozer,” the graceful house etiquette is turned on its head, dealing warped melodic progressions and chiming grooves to spotlight an unnerving but equally accomplished side to Ten Wall’s musical decorum. With few others so much as touching on the immediate identity this newfound moniker, Basanov leads an essential charge on the modern house crop unlikely to fall by the wayside anytime soon.

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