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U.S Security Associates acquires security management firm for Live Nation events

Crowd management firm Staff Pro Inc. a security and risk management service provider whose clients range from festivals, tours, venues, including¬†HARD Summer, Insomniac, and other Live Nation events has just been acquired by U.S Security Associates. Both companies will team up and provide a¬†“depth of experience and broad based service offering with no peer in the security industry today” according to a release from Staff Pro. Dance music events have been taking some heavy flak in recent months for safety and health issues, but the CEO of Staff Pro, Cory Meredith, had other things to say;

“Frankly, EDM is not that difficult to do, compared to a lot of other events. It’s all about planning and carrying through with the plan. You have to know your audience, you have to communicate with performers and promoters, and you adjust your plan based on the demographics and culture of the music. We’re fortunate enough to work with Insomniac, Live Nation, HARD, promoters who spend the money to do it right. It does cost money to staff these events correctly, and the promoters we deal with spend a lot of money to make sure [events are] managed correctly and professionally.”


Staff Pro will continue to operate as a separate division within the US. They will continue to be active within the EDM space, where 800 staff could be managing up to 115,000 people a day.

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