Watch This: Your childhood Legos can now play acid houseLego Acid House

Watch This: Your childhood Legos can now play acid house

Alex Allmont, a full time coder and part-time Ph.D student of polyrythmic music, has combined his passions with a little bit of nostalgia for every young boy’s favorite toy, and the result is an innovative music maker. His efforts have led to the creation of a complicated looking Lego contraption – he calls it Play House – and the toy does exactly that… play acid house music. Allmont created the musical Lego for AudioGraft, an experimental music festival in the U.K. that’s every inventor’s dream. Combining beats and bricks, the cool new gadget can belt out some “hypnotic and hooky sounds” as Alex explains himself. For the techies among us, the brains behind the gadget offers a 10 minute video that delves into just how the melodious Lego transformed from its more complicated prototypes to it’s current phase, as well as a detailed blog entry that includes his initial sketches.

Via: Mixmag

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