Watch This: Imogen Heap brings tech to the forefront of her performancesImogen Heap

Watch This: Imogen Heap brings tech to the forefront of her performances

Displacing her keyboard for a more modern approach to music making, Imogen Heap introduces a clever idea she’s been hard at work on, and it comes in the form of some tech-savvy gloves. Wearing these gloves allows the UK artist to interact with her computer through gestures, to form what she believes to be a more humanly and natural experience with software. Waving her hands rhythmically, the “Hide And Seek” songstress illustrates the technology behind her creation by showing fans just how integral these gloves will be to her high tech performances. While wearing this new technology, the English vocalist can bend pitches to morph sound, and by utilizing either one finger or her whole hand, she can create two vastly novel sounds. Imogen Heap hopes that with every new prototype, she’ll soon reach her ultimate goal of making these gloves available to everyone, so that they, too, can enjoy not just making music, but feeling it in the process.

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