Xinobi – Puma (Moullinex Remix)inobi Puma Remies

Xinobi – Puma (Moullinex Remix)

Dance music creates a sense of community on many levels, from fans bonding at shows to artists co-producing with or remixing their peers. More subtle perhaps is the community that arises when two artists join forces to start their own label. Take for example Discotexas: Moullinex was a fan of Xinobi’s band The Vicious Five, he reached out in hopes of remixing them, the two began talking, and they went on to launch Discotexas with some friends. The label’s latest release is Xinobi’s Puma – Remixes EP, which features a remix by Moullinex. The original is a dark house song, and Moullinex’s version has a funky nu disco vibe. Both tracks are available on Beatport now.

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