Zomboy – WTF!? (Original Mix) [Preview]Zomboy Wtf

Zomboy – WTF!? (Original Mix) [Preview]

With Zomboy‘s The Outbreak tour launch ticking closer every day, the hype around the new music spreading virus has reached a fever pitch: The first snippet of the first single from the forthcoming The Outbreak LP has been revealed. “WTF!?” is scheduled to release just days before the tour makes its debut in North Carolina, the first in a line of releases leading up to the July grand reveal. The single proves to be an interesting choice for the historically dubstep producer, as its 30-second preview showcases a single build and breakdown that have grime fans crying big room. Still ominous, heavy and distorted, “WTF!?’s” teaser does suggest a switch in direction for Joshua Mellody, but “different” should never be synonymous with “worse.”  With weeks until the full first play and months to go until we hear the Never Say Die-hosted album, it is too soon to tell if the fraction defines the whole. In the meantime, enjoy the festival-sized sound of the apocalypse.

Release Date: May 19th

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