Alison Wonderland – I Want U (Original Mix) [Preview]Alison Wonderland I Want U 2014

Alison Wonderland – I Want U (Original Mix) [Preview]

As far as multifaceted upstarts are concerned, Alison Wonderland has fast become one of the most accomplished talents to emerge from down under. Cut from her impending ‘Calm Down EP’ for EMI Australia, Djemba Djemba joins the corner of this fast ascending stepper for a single unlikely to be shrugged off among the swell of summer releases.

For a genre often accused of sticking to an ‘inside-the-dotted-lines’ schematic, “I Want U” strikes a significant balance within trap’s ever expanding visibility. Its sharp vocal work strikes a notable sense of commercial coherence, leaving Djemba’s relentless beats and masterful 808-play to be the genre’s more religious cohorts happy along the way. If we want to start scribing the future of the genre and its next international luminaries, this dreamy collaborative offering is enough to persuade that Australia may still have a stake in the unprecedented rise of trap music within the modern market.

Release date: June 27

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