AMTRAC returns with ‘Undefeated/Primal’ EPAmtrac Undefeated

AMTRAC returns with ‘Undefeated/Primal’ EP

Kentucky-bred house mechanic Amtrac unveils his latest bass driven pressing, pairing new age funk with deep house grooves on the Undefeated/Primal EP. A slew of remixes and free downloads already in his rearview for 2014, the well-traveled talent’s latest offering comes straight from his own personal coffers of funk. On “Undefeated,” crisp tech house percussion is peppered with space-age vibes, meshed together by the deep future house style that has become his signature. On “Primal,” a track whose journey is just as satisfying as the destination, Amtrac wraps up his return to original production duties with a curveball and delivers a soundscape better suited for headphones, not dancefloors. Hardly recognizable as Amtrac at all, “Primal” takes a classic progressive approach on the EP’s other side, ebbing and flowing towards a rewarding end.