Cazzette – Sleepless (Original Mix)CZT SLEEPLESS FINAL ARTWORK

Cazzette – Sleepless (Original Mix)

Cazzette have nearly trademarked a signature sound from their earliest production days through their three-part Eject album. That quirky, electro-dub, Cazzette sound is being put on hold for the Swedish duo’s newest single. “Sleepless” is a surprising effort from the AtNight militants, with their previously-usual antics ditched for an all new sound, one that hits a few notches deeper. Finding a perfect balance somewhere between a commercially-inclined deep house sound and vocals (both looped and sampled) reminiscent of something out of Daft Punk’s playbook, “Sleepless” is an instant favorite among listeners old and new, along with the modern dance audience.

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