Charlie Darker – War Paint (Original Mix)CHARLIE DARKER WARPAINT COVER

Charlie Darker – War Paint (Original Mix)

Beneath the wing of Wolfgang Gartner — or “Wolfy,” as he refers to his mentor — Charlie Darker has made the most of his outlet to flaunt his current production abilities, and to test the waters in experimenting with new ones. Often bypassing label support with free downloads, and more recently sporting an alias for his work deemed too-funky-for-funk, the Kindergarten Recordings young gun finally returns to his deep-rooted imprint. With over one year passing since its predecessor of “Cairo” and nearly two since his debut Atlantic/Pacific EP, Darker takes a large stride in his reunion, stepping into 2014 with “War Paint.” The solo production is typical Charlie: atypical. Since coming to attention in 2012, the approach has been a sort of expect the unexpected — and “War Paint” is no exception to that rule.

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