Crookers – Able To Maximize (Franskild Remix)Crookers Maimize

Crookers – Able To Maximize (Franskild Remix)

Following a session of random tinkering with all the wrong sounds, Phra of the Italian musical project known as Crookers finalized “Able to Maximize,” a track that was never meant to mend well, but ended in a beautifully wonky electro mixup. In turn, Franskild picked up the wild track and reworked it with a darker and more club-directed undertone. While wildly different, the new take on the original is refreshing and unique, with vocal sample-centric repetition and elements of the deep that the abstract Crookers sound steered away from. The simplistic melodic reinforcement in the background drives the Franskild remix home as a high quality re-approach to the wild original.

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