CID & Mednas – ILL Behavior (Original Mix)CID Mednas Ill Behavior

CID & Mednas – ILL Behavior (Original Mix)

Mark Ronson recently gave a TED Talk on the history of sampling and how certain musical artifacts continue to materialize in new forms. CID and Mednas’s new Size Records original, “ILL Behavior,” is firsthand evidence of the phenomenon in action.

In 1994, New York rapper A.D.O.R. laid down a verse which has pervaded dance music for twenty years: “Once again with the ill behavior… for the renegade master.” In 1995, Roger McKenzie (aka Wildchild) turned the sample into the classic house track “Renegade Master,” which Fatboy Slim proceeded to immortalize through his 1998 ‘Old Skool Mix.’

Flash forward 16 years, CID & Mednas hear Fatboy’s remix which in turn inspires their own collaboration: “Mednas and I were in Miami hanging out on the beach with friends,” CID explains, “when someone started playing the Fatboy Slim remix of Wildchild’s ‘Renegade Master.’ We instantly looked at each other and said: ‘we have to use this vocal for a record’ and from there ‘ILL Behavior’ was born!”

Thus, with twenty years of history at their fingers, CID & Mednas have transformed A.D.O.R.’s timeless sample into a pulsing, peak-hour house track. With plenty of resonant acid synths to propel the track forward, CID & Mednas’s homage to “Renegade Master” is well-equipped for the main stage, as evidenced by Steve Angello’s inclusion of the song in his recent set at Ultra Music Festival.

Release Date: May 19th

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