DA Exclusive: Galantis release their ‘Seafoxchella Live Set’


One of the most buzzed about sets at this year’s Coachella Arts and Music Festival came at the hands of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow, the pop dance phenoms behind the newly-formed Galantis. Dubbed ‘Seafoxchella,’ their live debut blurred the lines between pop hooks and crisp electro, pushing the envelope of the live electronic paradigm. Living up to their well-deserved hype, the duo stunned crowds with an expertly crafted hour long set, complete with live controllers, gorgeous visuals and tantalizing melodies all designed to capture and captivate an audience eager to see something different.  Exclusively through Dancing Astronaut, Galantis have released their hour-long live debut for those unlucky enough to have missed it live and anyone seeking to relive the magic one more time.

The Galantis “You” Remixes EP wil be out Monday 5/26 via Big Beat Records.

Photo Credit: Fredrik Skogvist