DA Studios: Henry Fong & DallasK’s Top 5 Tips for Successful CollaborationHenry Fong

DA Studios: Henry Fong & DallasK’s Top 5 Tips for Successful Collaboration

1. Have fun

“Making music is about having fun. Taking a break, having a couple drinks, getting some food and getting to know your collaborator more will make everything go smoothly. Friends who can be honest with each other will also earn the best results!”

2. Discover and use each other's strengths

“Figuring out each other’s strengths and weaknesses early on is key. It’s important to use the best skills from each producer and fill in some weaknesses to get the best out of your track. This will help each person work better off the other(s) and likely learn a thing or two in the process!”

3. Get in the studio in person

“If possible, aways try to get a studio session in person. Nothing beats that inspired session, feeding off each other’s energy and just vibing in the studio together. We’ve both collaborated before over the internet and Skype-sessions, but the live setting is where things tend to click and big ideas come together. Even if it costs some money for a plane ticket, it could be worth it in the end!”

Photo Credit: Rukes

4. Share a vision

“Not only should collaborators share the same vision for the end track, but also they should make sure to be on the same page for all of the details, from labels to final master, release dates, etc.. There’s nothing worse than finding out you disagree with your collaborator after it’s too late!”

5. Get out of your comfort zone

“Collaborations often end up being some of the best tracks. The best collabs require getting outside of each artist’s comfort zone. Try to experiment a little more and think out of the box. Everyone has a different way of producing music, so when collaborating, be open to different ideas and different techniques. Everyone should end up learning something in the end!”

Photo Credit: Rukes

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