Deadmau5 releases new single ‘Seeya’ ahead of new albumDeadmau5 Seeya

Deadmau5 releases new single ‘Seeya’ ahead of new album

Not even the slightest controversy can dance around the fact While (1<2) is already geared up to be one of 2014’s most highly anticipated albums. Just a few weeks away from the official release, Deadmau5 spoke with Zane Lowe in regards to his new album. “It’s a bit of a departure,” Joel explains about “Seeya,” moments before teasing his second song of his upcoming 25-track double LP release to come. For those familiar with the Mau5’s previous discography, a ‘departure’ it is indeed as “Seeya” blossoms with an atypical melodic touch in the form of Colleen D’Agostino’s vocal lifts. Still, the last track from his forthcoming two-disc release remains heavy with beloved signature Deadmau5 touches — this time, with additional glitch pops and a heavier dive into the groovy, funky end of the spectrum.

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