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EDC NY: 7 Artists That Stole The Show

EDC NY: 7 Artists That Stole The Show

The third annual Electric Daisy Carnival NY has come and gone once again. From the debut of Insomniac’s iconic owl to additional roaming space for attendees and more visually appealing stages, the 2014 edition of the festival exceeded all expectations. Despite being temporarily shut down on its first day due to the torrential weather, MetLife Stadium and Insomniac’s diligence allowed the show to re-commence as scheduled. While each of the artists on the bill put up a tough fight, we present seven notable acts across the two spectacular days: Bassnectar, Yellow Claw, Afrojack, D-Wayne, Bassjackers, Sander van Doorn and Steve Angello.


Photo courtesy of aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac


After having taken a six-month hiatus from the public eye in order to work on his forthcoming album, Noise vs. Beauty, Bassnectar dipped his toes in the water last weekend with his first live performance since hitting the studio. “This is the first kickoff of our summer festival,” Lorin Ashton told SiriusXM. Not only did the Californian demonstrate his appreciation for hip-hop with 2Chainz’s “I’m Different” and Busta Rhymes’ “Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check),” but he also flexed his expertise across the electronic spectrum. Dubstep, drum & bass and trap were among the many genres Ashton drew into his performance, matching fans’ expectations for a stellar, yet somewhat mind-altering, set. Synced lighting and footage set the bar high for a new age of production for future Bassnectar shows, not to mention the rich IDs he tossed in to arouse the crowd.


Yellow Claw

Just minutes before their 4:30pm set, rising Dutch trio Yellow Claw confidently glided up the staircase to circuitGROUNDS. Though it was their debut appearance at New York’s edition of Electric Daisy Carnival, Bizzey, Jim Aasgier and Nizzle had already known the drill. Having established themselves as top-tier live performers, the ability to energize a crowd and encourage thousands of frenetic fans to scream “Yellow Claw” – despite only gaining momentum within the last year – has become a skill that few have acquired. From “Imma Head” to “Techno” to “Lick Dat,” the trio’s set contained a sturdy build of Yellow Claw original releases that intensified the sparse trap culture throughout this year’s EDC. To add to the thrill, the group also premiered a handful of new music for fans to familiarize themselves with – a track that samples Biggie Smalls’ vocals and a new collaboration with Alvaro, supposedly entitled “Put Your Flags Up” included.



On the heels of acquiring six million Facebook fans and releasing his debut project, Forget The World, Nick van de Wall was a “must-see” act for many. In the beginning of May, Afrojack opened up to Dancing Astronaut as he admitted that releasing his first album was beyond nerve-wracking. Tease after tease, Nick made sure to prepare friends and foes well before the album’s release with songs like “Ten Feet Tall,” “The Spark,” and “Dynamite.” Thus, it was only expected that most of his set would be comprised of Forget The World. Despite these expectations, hands went up in praise as Nick premiered an ID potentially entitled “Alcohol” –  a bleepy, Dutch House track signature to Afrojack’s stylistics. Regardless of the path the Dutchman plans on taking his musical creativity down, though, classics like “Bangduck,” “Take Over Control” and “No Beef” will forever be fan favorites.



For his first shot at EDC NY, Dwayne Megens, better known by his stage name D-Wayne, did more than simply impress a few of his fellow industry mates. Rather, the rising Dutch starlet took his fan base to the next level as he attracted thousands of neon-colored Electric Daisy Carnival first timers and returning troopers alike. Tracks presented in his set included “Gravity,” “Ammo” and his remix of “Red Lights” – to name just a few that composed his hour-long set at circuitGROUNDS. Now about to set out on his Asia Tour with Together Festival and Future Now Festival as pit stops, it seems as though EDC NY was merely a pregame for Dwayne’s forthcoming cultural ventures.


When Marlon Flohr, one half of Bassjackers, entered circuitGROUNDS at 5:30pm on day two of EDC NY, the sun was still shining, the sky was a crisp blue and fans were only just beginning to brace themselves for the evening’s festivities. The Dutchman’s track selection epitomized the signature electro house groove often sought at large festivals such as EDC, delivering powerful blows like TJR & Vinai’s “Bounce Generation” Jay Hardway’s “Bootcamp.” Closing with their mashup “One Last Chance to Rage,” Bassjackers’ vigorous set hit the ground running the instant he entered the booth, showing listeners very little mercy even through the closing chords.

Sander van Doorn

Less than twenty episodes away from celebrating his 250th edition of his Identity radio show, Sander van Doorn has much to be excited for. Opening his set with a tribal-accented ID, the Dutch producer followed up with his most recent collaboration with Martin Garrix and DVBBS, “Gold Skies.” By this time it was dusk, that certain time nestled in between day and night in which the lights become just a little stronger, and the music a little louder. Other memorable track choices included “Infinite Mana,” “Arms Around Me,” and his own releases such as “Into the Light” and “Joyenergizer.” What Sander does best is offset the hard-hitting nature of dance music with the emotional and melodic, allowing him to showcase an inspiring yet powerful set no matter where he goes.

Steve Angello

Steve Angello has far more on his plate than the average human being. Holding a BBC Radio 1 residency, releasing Third Party’s “Everyday Of My Life” on Size Records and performing this weekend at O2 Academy Brixton are only three of a multitude of recent happenings on Steve’s burgeoning agenda. When it was announced that Angello would be making his third consecutive appearance at EDC NY, fans had much to look forward to, as just two months before, the Swedish trailblazer celebrated ten years of his record label – a rare milestone that few have the opportunity of reaching. Though throwbacks like “Show Me Love,” “Pjanoo” and “The Island” infiltrated Steve’s set, new music and a potential collaboration with new Size Records signee Still Young were also premiered. And of course, he delivered “Payback.”

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