EDMX launches to revolutionize your festival experienceScreenshot 2014 05 21 15.11.08

EDMX launches to revolutionize your festival experience

As more festivals jump aboard the mobile phone application bandwagon, home screens have become cluttered with the redundant concepts of event planning, social media interaction, and various other festival-specific information packed into individual apps. The days of repeatedly downloading these individual apps, though, are over. EDMX, the solution to your dance event mobile application woes, recently launched with a bang, packing in a great deal of information and interactive features to enhance the festival experience. Not only can users find event lineups, set times, artist information, and music from over 2500 DJs, all while staying in tune with social media, sharing your event experiences and plans with peers. Unlike many available applications, the efforts behind EDMX are manual; both the apps users and creators will be generating content to further the app’s capabilities, with further social media interaction, playlist building, and artist information.

Delete your festivals apps – the one-stop shop for the electronic music event experience is here.

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