Fareoh – Daydream (Original Mix) [Free Download]Daydream

Fareoh – Daydream (Original Mix) [Free Download]

From high-profile remixes to explosive free downloads, the name Fareoh’s has come to represent one of North America’s most promising self-starter efforts to breach the bubble in a long while. His latest extension comes in the form of another complimentary gem from the young and talented producer, who opts for experimentation over status quo on the trail of a versatile peak in his studio output for 2014.

“Daydream” bridges a gap between two historically solitary sides of the electronic dance coin, balancing infectious melodic temperament with coordinated yet energetically charged electro hallmarks. By the time the vocal hybrid has run its course, one can’t help but scratch their head and wonder how so many young and aspiring artists have failed to see this cohesive bigger picture catered for with seeming ease by the New York upstart. Versatility may not be the flavour of the year if the Beatport charts are anything to go by, but Fareoh’s positive intuition could be the missing piece of the puzzle for a new generation of creatively attuned club assets moving forward.

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