Junkie XL selects winner of 300: Rise of an Empire contest300 ROAE Sdtk Cover 13 Remi Contest

Junkie XL selects winner of 300: Rise of an Empire contest

After a countless submissions and an arduous selection process to choose the best remix of Junkie XL’s “History of Artemisia” from 300: Rise of an Empire, the iconic producer has chosen his favorite remix of the lot. Los Angeles-based, Netherlands transplant Marlon Ray’s remix has been dubbed the undisputed victor by JXL. The producer tells us he spent a considerable amount of time listening to and digesting the track’s stems before jumping into the production hotseat. marLon used his traditional background in funk, rock, and pop, to twist the anthemic original into a gripping soundscape of twinkling electronica. Sped up to 100BPM, he built the remix in Pro Tools, spending days on each of the track’s elements, meticulously crafting what would become JXL’s favorite remix in the submission pool. His attention to detail and unique approach to sound design quickly set his rendition apart from the masses, earning him a proper spot at the top of the heap.

Listen to the marLon’s winning remix below.

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