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Nero – Satisfy (Original Mix)

NERO is back to revive the smoldering corpse of dance music left in the wake of a year’s worth of festival-focused drops and formulaic banality. The embodiment of all that is right in the dance music zeitgeist, NERO’s debut album Welcome Reality came at a time when electronic music in the States was just beginning to re-emerge and the “EDM boom” was only a twinkle in every blogger’s eye.

Since its release there have been few attempts to emulate it. Perhaps the album’s lofty sound design and industrial mystique proved too difficult to capture for the YouTube production tutorial generation. Now, three years later and into a very different landscape, the group returns to show fans how electronic music is properly done.

Debuted on Zane Lowe’s BBC1 Radio Show, the first original release off their forthcoming sophomore effort re-introduces fans to Alana Watson’s gorgeous vocals and true unadulterated electronica. Reviving their old stylistic cues, “Satisfy” captures the true essence of the NERO aesthetic, propelling itself forward as a heaping mass of greyscale synthesis and wisp-like vocals that demolish anything unlucky enough to be in its path.

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