Porter Robinson enchants with new track ‘Sad Machine’Porter Robinson Sad Machine

Porter Robinson enchants with new track ‘Sad Machine’

Two months ago, Porter Robinson gave us the first glimpse into the vision of his debut album Worlds with the celestial electronica track, “Sea of Voices.” Now, Porter has unveiled the second single, “Sad Machine:” a mirthful indie dance song with a fantastical atmosphere.

“Sad Machine” begins with a blissful counterpoint melody, welcoming us into its depths with enchanting pads and non-overbearing drums. The breakdown that ensues creates a magical, fairytale-like ambience thanks to its bubbling arpeggio and euphony of voices. As the energy resurges, the vibe is once again celebratory, before taking a more mystical turn through a deftly executed bridge. By the time the fleeting arps and pads descend into silence, we’re left breathless and starry-eyed by the beauty of the composition.

With two tracks out, Worlds is starting to take shape as a dazzling, non-conformist album with potentially enough promise to change the direction of dance music as we know it. Only time will tell just how groundbreaking Porter’s forthcoming release is, but it’s safe to say we’re already infatuated.

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