Rhapsody International invests in Dubset Media HoldingsRhapsody

Rhapsody International invests in Dubset Media Holdings

Rhapsody International has exchanged a Series B investment of undisclosed size inĀ EDM licensing and distribution agent Dubset Media Holdings in exchange for an equity stake in the company. This is Rhapsody’s first ever cash investment in another company. Dubset provides three services that help DJs distribute and monetize their mixes legally. The MixSCAN technology identifies audio content within longer streams so that the mixes can be licensed properly, MixBANK provides DJs and venues with the necessary storage and reporting tools, and TheFuture.fm is its most well known site/mobile app where fans can listen to streams categorized by genre or mood. Dubset’s CEO Bob Barbiere also revealed that they are in late stage discussions with other streaming services and that Rhapsody’s investment will not affect Dubset’s ability to partner with competing companies in the streaming industry. Dubset also recently introduced an embeddable music player and is in the process of launching a similar player to be used on various blogs and Facebook.

Via: Billboard Biz

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