Sennheiser unveils Imogen Heap as the face of MOMENTUM; share  your story with the worldGRZ Discover RZ Cmyk

Sennheiser unveils Imogen Heap as the face of MOMENTUM; share your story with the world

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People who push the world forward with their creative passions have MOMENTUM. Innovators and entrepreneurs of sound inspire others to uncover their hidden talents. The story of Imogen Heap embodies the ideals of MOMENTUM, stretching the boundaries of traditional performance and engaging fans using the power of the glove. Her talent spans songwriting to elaborate live multi-instrumental improvisations that build on her unique voice, classical training and unusual tech-saaviness. View her MOMENTUM video here, which explains how she employs wearable technology to convey her unique musical expression.


The Mi.Mu glove takes musicians from behind the computer screens to center stage. Using the dexterity and mobility of the human body as both an instrument and a music controller, the wearable tech enables artists to break down the barriers between musicians and machines and between performers and audiences. Working with a team of scientists, designers and coders for over four years, Imogen has started a Kickstarter campaign with the objective of making the gloves available to other artists and creators.

“The Gloves are my dream come true, beautiful wearable-tech garments, that allow me to break the barrier between me: the musician, the creative and elements of my chosen computer software instruments, effects or workstation,” she says. “I can now bring those sounds ‘out of the box’, gesturally, expressively and wirelessly where I’ve found other external controllers have failed.”





Sennheiser is inviting anyone to share their creativity to the world. Visitors can vote for their favorite stories and add their own seven-second MOMENTUM film to a video chain that inspired them. To take part in the MOMENTUM project, videos can be uploaded between April 2, 2014 and July 31, 2014. Those who inspire the most successful chains, creators of the most successful videos, and people who vote over ten times in a week will be eligible for a weekly prize drawing for a pair of MOMENTUM headphones and a six month subscription to Spotify Premium. As part of the campaign, Sennheiser will also award ‘ultimate sound experience’ trips to New York, London and Tokyo.

Click here to participate.

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