Space Jesus – Atom + Eve EP [Free Download]Cover

Space Jesus – Atom + Eve EP [Free Download]

Brooklyn-based future bass crafter Space Jesus returns with the Atom + Eve EP, a journey through an appealingly challenging evolution of sound. Defying the norms of today’s electronic music and scoffing at conformity, the EP kicks off with “HMU,” a masterful blend of elements from every corner of the music-verse including reggae, psychedelic, and, of course, various types of bass music. The mysterious artist continues with “Nice Ass Yeans,” a more upbeat track than its predecessor, featuring a unique vocal sample that reappears throughout the track. “Trillionaire Club” slows the vibe down and strips the trap style to its core, highlighting percussive work, and “Mom’s Spaghetti” brings the EP to a close with thick Italian influence and knocking bass. Space Jesus certainly delivers on his Atom + Eve EP, and with more releases on the horizon, the summer looks bright for the artist and his unique sound.

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