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Toronto’s EDM ban fails, voted down 31-4

Electronic music once again prevails in the face of legislation from city officials, this time at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. It was recently reported that Toronto had banned all electronic music events at the venue but yesterday the city council voted 31-4 to overturn the ban citing that it was a “deliberately manufactured moral panic” in what Councillor Gord Perk described as a “business competitive issue,” noting that recent studies have shown that EDM events at Exhibition Place are much safer than their illegal warehouse counterparts.

When the ban was first instated it was thought to have been a political and profitable move for nightclub Muzik, an establishment supported by the headline-making Mayor Rob Ford. “They’ve used this very emotional argument to improve the financial position of one particular bar owner and one that so happens to be the bar of choice of the mayor,” council member Mike Layton told the Toronto Sun.

Giorgio Mammoliti, one of the bans most outspoken supporters, called the process a kangaroo court and refused to show up to the bans reversal vote.

Via: Magnetic Mag & Toronto Sun

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