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Vicetone embark on Ensemble tour, celebrate with eponymous single

The duo of Ruben and Victor (AKA Vicetone) know how to get an international tour started off on the right foot, kicking things off with a teaser of their upcoming single, “Ensemble”. The pair will meander through the US and make a couple of stops abroad, concluding their journey at no less than Ultra Korea, a not-to-be-overlooked hotbed of dance music activity in Asia.

Ensemble is out on May 26th via DOORN Records.

Buy tickets for the tour here. Ensemble Tour Routing:

May 22nd ​ Whiskey Saigon​ ​ – Boston, MA​
May 23rd ​ ​ Mysteryland ​ – Bethel, NY​
May 24th ​ Sports Arena​ ​ – San Diego, CA​
May 24th ​ Shrine Auditorium​ ​ – Los Angeles, CA​
May 25th ​ Audio​ ​ – San Francisco, CA​
May 29th ​ Firestone Live​ ​ – Orlando, FL​
May 30th ​ Haven Nightclub​ ​ – Atlantic City, NJ​
May 31st ​ Drai’s​ ​ – Las Vegas, NV​
June 5th ​ Adore​ ​ – Miami, FL​
June 6th ​ Slake​ ​ – New York, NY​
June 7th ​ Jet Set​ ​ – Santo Domingo, DR​
June 14th ​ Ultra Korea – Seoul, S Korea​

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