Bambook makes Culprit debut with engrossing deep house EPBambook Hearts Roads EP

Bambook makes Culprit debut with engrossing deep house EP

Bambook may be a newer name in the dance music community, but don’t let that deter you — their brand new Hearts & Roads EP is stupendous to say the least. Boasting four tracks, two originals with two remixes, the EP is a refreshing dose of emotional deep house. Making their debut on revered label Culprit, champions of the LA underground, Bambook grace the imprint with gorgeous originals “Narrow Road” and “Humble Hearts.”

“Narrow Road” is deftly designed for long-stretches of highway. The combination of fluid pads and heartfelt lyrics make for an absolutely engrossing affair.The second track, “Humble Hearts,” boasts a slow, drawn out Scandinavian feel with an enchanting summertime vocal track á la Empire of the Sun. Combined, the tracks offer some of the most mesmerizing deep house in recent memory. Pick them up along with their remixes on Beatport.

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