Beatport to host stage at Vans Warped TourBeatport

Beatport to host stage at Vans Warped Tour

Before the electronic bubble swelled to its precarious state, before there was a festival every weekend and before parents knew who Deadmau5 was even if they didn’t know how to say it, a vocalist named Sonny Moore played a handful of tour dates with a band called From First To Last at a festival called Warped Tour. That 2006 iteration of the alternative festival saw genres like electro grindcore, rap rock, and dancehall blur with its traditional punk roots. Now eight years later, EDM will ceremoniously take its place at the festival amongst the sounds that helped shape it on the brand new Beatport stage. The music hub has announced that it has joined forces with the 20-year-old festival, bringing a branded stage focused on both electronic and hip-hop acts. Though not the first time these sounds have been on the roster, both companies felt the time was right to solidify their presence. For the stage’s initial lineup such diverse talents as Antiserum, Crizzly, NiT GriT and Wax will hold down the fort, touring through the country from Friday through August. See the full lineup below and snag your tickets for the Warped Tour touchdown near you.

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Beatport Stage Lineup:

Captain Capa
DJ Nicola Bear
DJ Scout
K. Flay
MC Chris
NiT GriT
Pacific Dub
Sleeper Agent

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