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Crooked Colours – In Your Bones (CRNKN Remix) [Preview]

From the breaking of “Hearts” back in January to last month’s The Clearing EP for Nest, Gabriel Baer has used his CRNKN moniker to bring an intriguing sense musical identity to an industry plagued with paint-by-numbers approaches. Though the year has seen his sound mature at a considerable pace, his latest remix for Crooked Colours is testament to the fact that the spike is moving in all the right directions at the midway point of 2014.

CRNKN’s wobbly, low-end favoring strut is stripped to its very basic and inspiring core for his remix of “In Your Bones,” balancing mellow pads and the mint of his lucid beats and giving yet another reason to add the North American upstart to your list of ‘artists actually trying to push things forward’ among the crowded mass of bass-favoring newcomers.

Release date: TBA


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