Mendoza – Love Druggie (Jeremy Olander Remix)Jeremyolander2

Mendoza – Love Druggie (Jeremy Olander Remix)

It’s been a sparing year of releases for resounding progressive titan Jeremy Olander, but what little he has unleashed upon the digital market has kept with the theme of outright quality from the Stockholm-based talent. Off the heels of sublime remix duties for Henry Saiz’s Reality Remixed album, Universal Music calls upon the Pryda Friends stalwart to transport Mendoza into his uplifting and ubiquitous sound scope for a second promising strike of 2014. His remix of “Love Druggie” plays with that signature Olander charm from the very first beat, leading with an array of layered leads and manipulated melodic progressions whilst embracing the original’s catchy vocal work. It shows a credible vantage point from which the progressive sound can co-exist in the major label environment, offering yet another reason to believe that past the Prydz associations and vast global spread, Jeremy Olander remains one of the genre’s most consistently composed talents. Purchase: Beatport

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