deadmau5 sheds light on new live show and stadium tour; ‘We’re producing it like you’d produce a film. ‘Hard Day Of The Dead Deadmau5

deadmau5 sheds light on new live show and stadium tour; ‘We’re producing it like you’d produce a film. ‘

Hot off the completion of the Gumball 3000 and in line with the forthcoming release of his two-disc album, While(1<2), Joel Zimmerman sat down with the UK’s The Standard to divulge some more details about his new live show — but not without first spitting his mau5y venom at festivals and their promoters.”Festivals are being branded bigger than the acts, which is totally backwards in my head,” he scoffs. His history of distaste for festival culture is well-documented, and his recent troll at Ultra Music Festival (after claiming he’d never play the event again 2-years prior) is directly in line with his desire to go it alone. 

Tapping into his passion for videogames and animation, Zimmerman has enlisted the help of not only Hollywood screewriters but Diablo III developer Blizzard’s Chris Ha, who is handling the storyboarding of the live show. “We’re producing it like you’d produce a film. I’m really exctied about it because it’s a sink-or-swim thing. Even the accountant’s freaking out.”

According to Joel, the scope of the new production was designed for stadiums —  “It has to be, with the way this production’s laid out.” — and with a world record setting run of shows at New York’s own Roseland Ballroom, there is little doubt he can fill those seats.

As always, it wouldn’t be a deadmau5 interview without a proper dig at the tired banality of EDM, and this time around he sounds the culture’s death knell, likening it to disco but accelerating its lifecycle thanks to social media.

“Disco had a longer run than EDM has, to be honest about it, and that died in a f****** hurry. EDM is way more susceptible because that was in a time when they didn’t have mass social media and all that shit. It’s not gonna be me saying, ‘OK, EDM’s done’, and the whole thing falls apart, but I think it’ll eventually f*** itself so hard.”

Via: The Standard UK