Diplo makes cameo in ’22 Jump Street’Diplo RBGH

Diplo makes cameo in ’22 Jump Street’

“No one can bring Spring Break like Diplo, and that’s why I’m here:” If you needed another reason to hightail it to the theaters for 22 Jump Street, the world’s most loved twerk instigator just gave you one. The action-packed comedy follows up on the undercovers’ antics in high school with a trip to college, and no college-themed movie would be complete without a Spring Break scene. In a special behind-the-scenes preview, the actors discuss what went into making the scene and touch on the Diplo experience and Channing Tatum’s dance moves (move aside, Twerk Team). While of course you could book a flight to Vegas for your own Diplo party, to instantly satisfy your craving 22 Jump Street is in theaters now.

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