Feed Me arouses attention with new track ‘Alarm Clock’ [Preview]Feed Mes Psychedelic Journey

Feed Me arouses attention with new track ‘Alarm Clock’ [Preview]

The almighty Jon Gooch has recently announced his new tour, Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey, and with it, an EP’s worth of new material. While two weeks ago he gifted us with “Time For Myself,” an engrossing electro track presumably paying homage to his break from DJing, this week, Gooch previews another forthcoming gem, “Alarm Clock.” What’s unique about the latest Feed Me monster is that Gooch has written and performed his own vocals for the track. The song begins with pulsing square waves gradually building in release time before a chunky house beat cuts them short. The real standout from the track, however, is the gorgeous breakdown, complete with morphing pads, understated background percussion, and Gooch’s surprisingly soothing vocals.

Release Date: TBA

Check out Feed Me’s new tour and new track “Time For Myself”

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