Frontin’ – Pharrell ft. Jay Z (Disclosure Re-work)Pharrell Hayz Frontin Disclosure Rework Artwork

Frontin’ – Pharrell ft. Jay Z (Disclosure Re-work)

Usually when you imagine the love affair between dance music and hip-hop, trap and twerk sounds come to mind. Heavy 808’s and crisp hi-hat rolls dominate this union of genres but occasionally the two worlds offer their stylings paired together in a different way. Even more rarely does this pairing come as smoothly has Pharrell and Jay Z‘s iconic “Frontin,” matched with Disclosure‘s deep, funky, garage house appeal.

The UK-born duo has taken over the world since their emergence last year, most notably their collaboration with fellow British singer Sam Smith on “Latch” met critical acclaim and sweltering popularity. However this time, swapping Smith’s angelic pipes for Pharrell’s silky crooning, disclosure once again showcase their ability bend their irresistibly delectable house sound in versatile ways.

Twirling a buzzing, fresh, synth arrangement around William’s voice, keenly working in low pass filtering to bring out the best of the vocals, adding a slight delay to Jay Z’s brief rhymes, before bringing their uncannily cool deep beat right back in, rounding off an impressive rework that only Disclosure could deliver. The work is subtle, simple, yet done with the perfect amount of finesse, pairing together a hip-hop classic with a groovy deep house vibe.

The pair have said this tune might become a freebie one day, but for now, stream Disclosure’s latest material below.

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