James Blake opens up about third album; hints at possible collaboration with Kanye WestJamesBlake

James Blake opens up about third album; hints at possible collaboration with Kanye West

Having made his Bonnaroo debut last weekend, James Blake had more than enough details to spill to Billboard pertaining to his third studio album and the different paths his career has taken since his debut LP, James Blake, in 2011. “I’ve had a completely different life since the first album,” he divulges. “I’ve had a lot more freedom since the first album. The one I’m writing now, I’ve had more focus doing this than I have before. I’m having more fun, I think.” 

Rewind to November 2013, when Blake spoke to the publication about his indefinable sound and the underlying notion that he had been working nonstop for the last three to four years. It was then that he also mentioned taking a mental break in the new year so as to reinvigorate the creative juices that inspire James Blake’s music. In allowing himself more time and for his ideas to run wild, it sounds as though his next album, whose songs are about “50 percent done,” will be unlike anything he has presented to fans in the past.

For now, James has revealed that he has spent time songwriting with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and that hopefully, Kanye West will be next in line. As the album continues to unfold, though, there are still a number of unanswered questions as to who will guest star on his upcoming work. According to Blake, “There’s somebody else I don’t want to mention right now, but who I’m really excited about too.”

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