Jordy Dazz & Jimi Frew – Vortex (Original Mix)Jordy Dazz Vorte

Jordy Dazz & Jimi Frew – Vortex (Original Mix)

Jordy Dazz and Jimi Frew may have started as strangers, but their new track “Vortex” is soon to become all too familiar. The latest collab on Revealed Recordings sees the Dutch upstart join forces with the Australian rising star, with results big enough to fill the largest venue. An instrumental progressive prowler, the track has been championed in sets by both Showtek and Hardwell, a pairing that pays testament to its high and wide appeal. Leisurely introducing itself with a build that saves the blast for last, the tune comes to life with a heavy kick and simple but effective synth melody that spirals into complexity as the seconds tick by. Having already conquered Ultra and EDC alike, “Vortex” sits poised to bend the festival circuit to its will now that summer is officially here.

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