Justice confirms they are working on third studio albumJustice 04

Justice confirms they are working on third studio album

Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay are headed back to the studio together, this time with a third album in the works. The two men, best known together as the cross-wielding crusaders, Justice, are in the early stages of delivering a follow up to 2011’s Audio Video Disco. The pair have confirmed they are working on a new album currently, although no word of an expected release date yet.

With a lengthy catalogue of hits that define their own unique sound within the electronic spectrum, the Ed Banger veterans are finally returning to the studio together, to deliver their first release since their live compilation, 2013’s Access All Arenas. Their debut bout in 2007, , brought “Phantom,” “DVNO,” and “D.A.N.C.E.,” in a stylish clash of funk and French house. The graphic designer duo, turned DJ mega-stars then followed up a few years later with the pop-punk-electro-rock opera that was Audio Video Disco. Introducing sounds like “Newlands” and “Civilization” set Justice in their own sonic realm. Now, with Gaspard confirming the pair’s recent musings, we can expect a third studio album sometime in the future, although what type of sound the main stage maestros are pursuing this time around is purely speculation.

Although Justice is known by their energetically raw sound, they also operate by an unparalleled, meticulous perfectionism. With no expected release date announced yet, it’s unclear when we can expect to hear their latest work, but at least wheels have begun turning.

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