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Pharrell – Happy (Lenno Remix) [Free Download]

Finnish prospect Lenno has offered an essential kick up the rear to indie dance and its blurring lines of credence. While the mind numbing repetition of Pharrell’s “Happy” is unlikely to have passed over anyone in 2014, the young producer proves more than capable of taking the sugary pop original into his own evasive sound scope with a complimentary remix of the highest caliber. Lenno’s take is cool, calm and inherently tailored towards that ‘80’s on steroids’ approach that has made the Scandinavian talent shine so brightly amongst the crowd. Full bodied leads and the occasional frantic guitar solo welcomingly distract from the original’s simplistic yet effective topline, making this an immediately innocent pleasure and yet further evidence that Lenno is still one of the most exciting newcomers of 2014.

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