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Porter Robinson reveals Worlds track list and featured artists

Day by day, Porter Robinson has singlehandedly and quite tirelessly stirred up a storm of hype around his approaching new album. After releasing three already deemed “game-changing” tracks, the mysterious young producer took to his Twitter to announce his entire track list for Worlds. Beyond his artful thematic titles, the most telling of his Twitter blast are the featured artists included on a handful of his still unreleased tracks, including Sean Caskey of Australia’s rock band Last Dinosaurs, singer Breanne Düren who has previously worked with Owl City, Norwegian electronica group Lemaitre, and Stars’ vocalist Amy Millan.

1. Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
2. Sad Machine
3. Years of War (feat. Breanne Düren and Sean Caskey of Last Dinosaurs)
4. Flicker
5. Fresh Static Snow
6. Polygon Dust (feat. Lemaitre)
7. Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities)
8. Natural Light
9. Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)
10. Sea of Voices
11. Fellow Feeling
12. Goodbye to a World

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