Snapchat unveils new event based feature called ‘Our EDC Story’Snapchat Flashy Features

Snapchat unveils new event based feature called ‘Our EDC Story’

Last year, Snapchat released their “Story” feature, which let users combine all of their snaps from the last 24 hours into a single (longer) narrative. They’ve also added more variety by introducing text and video chat and transforming the application from a photo sharing platform into an all-encompassing messaging platform. Snapchat takes their product one step further by unveiling a new feature called “Our Story” that allows you to add snaps to an event-based Story that can be shared with your friends. Users that follow that particular event, in this case, EDC Live, can see everyone’s snaps in a single place. The introduction of a living timeline has not been introduced by any of the other major social networks and looks to revolutionize the event sharing experience. Add ‘EDC Live’ on Snapchat to join the fun this upcoming weekend.

Via: Tech Crunch

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