SoundCloud cracks down on copyright infringement; Kaskade among first to be targetedKaskade 18 E1357494449535

SoundCloud cracks down on copyright infringement; Kaskade among first to be targeted

While the possibility of Twitter acquiring SoundCloud continues to linger, the latter has recently tightened its grip on what is and is not acceptable for sharing. Kaskade, one of house music’s most influential producers, is one of the first to be targeted for sharing music that SoundCloud’s “automatic content protection system” deems to be stolen property. This system is designed to scrutinize all sounds for unjustly used copyrighted material – something there’s plenty of in the sample and remix-heavy world of dance music (so long, Mashup Mondays).

“I have gotten 32 emails like this over the past 2 days…” Kaskade tweeted yesterday evening, with a photo of a warning from Soundcloud.

Having accepted the fact that his “entire soundcloud will be taken down” within the next week, Ryan vows that from here on out he will create his own portal through which he can “share what I like when I like.” This is not the first time Raddon has faced obstacles when attempting to share his music, but given his track record it is certain he will discover new and exciting ways to share the music he loves, regardless of whether he produced it or not. In the meantime, head here to download the free gems that are left.

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