Space Laces – Digital Gangsta (Original Mix)Digital Gangsta Single

Space Laces – Digital Gangsta (Original Mix)

While Space Laces may not be a particularly familiar name for those not invested in the dubstep genre, any avid follower of bass knows the legends of Space Laces‘ mythical “Digital Gangsta.” A track that was created and put away before it was finished, “Digital Gangsta” has been teased a handful of times in sets throughout the last few years, and has resulted in an endless onslaught of fans begging Space Laces himself to complete the heavy dub masterpiece. Praised by every corner of the womposphere, the track finally reached its completion as Space Laces returned to create music under the moniker. While the head-rattling production may not suit all tastes, “Digital Gangsta” fulfills its promise of well-engineered rumbling bass and synth work that lives up to the hype of the long-awaited track released on Rottun Records. Space Laces puts it best: recognize the king – he’s here.

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